Data Entry Services

iGLOBAL Business Solutions Inc. offers a variety of data entry services that streamline processes, reduce overhead costs, and speed up content turnaround by adopting advanced technologies and skilled in-house data entry operators. We are able to deliver timely results with optimum accuracy at economical costs. Our data entry services include the following: Offline and Online data entry, Data processing, Survey processing, Web and internet research


Virtual Assistant

When it comes to running a successful business, there are a lot of administrative tasks that have to be done daily. iGlobal Business Solutions Inc. a provides professional and dedicated virtual assistants to help you do your back office tasks. Things like managing payroll and time sheets, ensuring business licensees are up to date, handling human resource tasks, renewing software licenses, taking care of employee reimbursements and so much more. Our Virtual Assistants undergo a month-long training to make sure that they fully understand the tasks they will encounter. Our training program is designed not only to round them as your typical Virtual Assistants but also professionals who can do simple lease abstracts and information memorandum for you.



Inbound Sales

iGLOBAL Business Solutions Inc. is not just about driving more revenue, we also focus in building solid relationship with customers via personalized and highly interactive approach. Our inbound sales agents are highly trained to identify customers’ needs and buying habits, upsell, and cross sell products and services.


Outbound Sales

Our outbound sales solutions can be easily aligned with your current business standards and existing marketing materials with the right team and proven proactive sales technique, we want to help you not just increase sales and revenue but to create relationships and customer experiences that will help with your brand's longevity.


Customer Service

We know how important it is to keep your clients happy. Our customer service solutions are tailor-made to match your company goals and marketing objectives. By hiring the right team, customer service becomes a stress-free experience for your clients. Whether you need a single staff member or a group of highly motivated individuals who can help your company achieve its goals, we've got you covered.


Market Research and Survey

iGLOBAL Business Solutions Inc. offers a quantitative and qualitative market research and survey services that helps business in collecting market intelligence, measure interest of consumer in product/service offerings and gain actionable feedback at reasonable rates. We work in a well-defined direction bringing forth all its experience in market research and survey process that are customized to client specific needs and all data is maintained in pre-agreed requirement parameters.


Lead Generation

We understand that lead generation is essential for a business to survive and design services accordingly. With our lead generation services that are designed to cater the business to business (B2B) markets as well as the business to consumer (B2C) markets, we help business reach a wider market. We also utilize several methods such as tele-prospecting, customer surveys, lead nurturing and integrated marketing services for generating huge amounts of targeted leads. Our cost-effective solutions successfully offer qualified leads to businesses of all sizes and volumes.

What we do?

We give our clients and customers all the best by delivering a corporate level experience to help them become proactive, competitive and profitable regardless of their business requirements and sizes. iGLOBAL is a team of highly competent individual that delivers an outstanding client and customer satisfaction. Our end-to-end services are unique blend of technology and services which allows our customers to manage their business easily and effectively.


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